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Saturday, 12 August 2017

amazing tunic tops from dreslily

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hello everybody, i hope you are doing fine!!
in summer season we always look for a comfy and cute clothes to wear,  that's why Dresslily has a huge collection of fashion pieces, for a reasonable prices and good quality.
as you all know tunic tops are so in this season

i love this top, you can wear it to the beach  or summer party and you will look amazing 

this girly top is very cute and i am sure you agree with me
honestly, i did make an order and i am so excited for it to come, i am collecting make-up brushes right no so  i can maake amazing instagram and blog post 
i fond that they have pretty make-up brushes set

i am also wantt to add some color and bohaiman style to my home, i did find this amazing rug wich i think it will add a great touch to my house