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Monday, 20 February 2017

get stylish with stylewe

hello everyone i hope you are doing fine!!!
spring/summer season is almost here, so we need to fill our closet with trendy items, and by trendy i mean by that, colors, lace ....... and the perfect destination is stylewe, they have a beautiful collection this up coming season with cheap price and good quality
let's start with floral romper, as you all know, rompers are so in this spring, and when i say spring the first thing that's came on my mind is flower. what a great combination !!!

and off the shoulder lace top is a must have for this season, we saw lace every where, runways, red carpet and more, so don't take your time thinking,get your lace top now and be trendy 

and to complete ths look, you need to have a pretty hairstyle and you never go wrongs with bangs 
so stylewe made an article about  how to cut bangs hairstyle
this is so informative and they teach you how to cut your hair like a professional

1 comment:

  1. Love the tutorial on how to cut your hair :)