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Monday, 20 February 2017

get stylish with stylewe

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hello everyone i hope you are doing fine!!!
spring/summer season is almost here, so we need to fill our closet with trendy items, and by trendy i mean by that, colors, lace ....... and the perfect destination is stylewe, they have a beautiful collection this up coming season with cheap price and good quality
let's start with floral romper, as you all know, rompers are so in this spring, and when i say spring the first thing that's came on my mind is flower. what a great combination !!!

and off the shoulder lace top is a must have for this season, we saw lace every where, runways, red carpet and more, so don't take your time thinking,get your lace top now and be trendy 

and to complete ths look, you need to have a pretty hairstyle and you never go wrongs with bangs 
so stylewe made an article about  how to cut bangs hairstyle
this is so informative and they teach you how to cut your hair like a professional

Sunday, 19 February 2017

amazing prom dress from simibridaldress

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hello everyone, i hope you are doing fine!!
today i came with a new and intresting online shop only for prom, party and wedding dresses, it's called simibridaldress.
so as you know looking fabulous during the prom is very important thing for us girls, that's why simibridaldress has a large choice of fantastic dresses: good quality, modern design and afordable price.
and the niceest thing about this online store is that you can get your custom size, and the color that you want, just pick your dress and them make the changes on it.
now let me show you a unique dress that caught my eyes when i saw it for the first time, honestly i felt in love with it immidiatly, just take look at it, it's trendy, why!!! well V neck is so in this periode we saw many stars wear it on the red carpet, also it is so girly and go with any girl who want to be like a diva in her prom or fancy party, the cut is so amazing, it makes your body look like a supermodel mixed with celebrty actress, and everyone in the ball will look at you, i talk seriously you will steel the show if you wear it and in another world you will be a breath tacking girl. 
so don't thing twice and buy it fast, don't worry about the shipping because you will get it fast and in time, and like i told you you can change the cclor that you want
PS: you can go directly to the dress by clicking the link under the picture

Friday, 17 February 2017

suimsiuts from zaful

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hello lovely reader hope you are all doing fine,!!!
summer is almost here, and when i sy summer, the first word that's came after that is suimsiuts and looking fabulous and fashionabale on the beach;
choosing the perfect suimsuit is very hard, why because when you go wrong with it all the loo will be messed up , that's why i am here today to make it easier for you; 
zaful  is a huge platform for the fashionista and fashion blogger always go there to pick there outfits and they always brings new fashion pieces on there store on this time i will mention on my blog 
swimsuits for women tankini its a big collection of suimsiuts  with good quality, nice cut, cheap price and the most important thing is that they are so in this season,
i will not talk to much, as they said: let the pictures speak on them selfs 

okbridal bridesmaid dresses

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hello everyone i hope you are doing fine!!!
today i came today to talk to you about my favorit site okbridal, i am sure you know this online shop because i mentioned it before,
now they have new arrivals and i have to say that this new collection is beyond great, well since it is wedding season i will share with you bridesmaid dresses, when you go to this section you will find a huge selection with pretty dresses, so if you are bride and you want your bridesmaid to look fabulous then this is your perfect destination
the quality is amazing the shipping is so fast,beside that a great costumer service

you never go wrong with black spagitty dress that's why i make this dressmy firt choice 

lace, v-neck and nude clolor dress, there is no words no to this option so gofor it 

as you all know sequin are so in lately, so the best decision is choosing sequin and burgundy together to stay trendy in the wedding 

Monday, 6 February 2017

about: Milly Bridal

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hellow guys, i hope you are doing fine?!!
i came today with something new on my pocket, as you saw in the title i will talk to you about an online website called Millybridal UK, this site is only for wedding and special aucasions dresses, but the best one in the market, 
so if you are looking for prom or party dress then this is your perfect destination, and don't be warry about the quality and the service, because, there agent are so kind and they will help you fast and deliver your customize dress in no time and it willbe better than the one you expect:) 
let's talk a little bit about the domain of weddings, there is a lot to do in the weddings this days such as bridesmaid dresses UK, because every bride wants her bridesmaid look fantastic ad pretty in there dresses, to give you a quik idea about what's in there,  i will show you 2 dresses, and you can visit them by clicking the link under each picture 

on the other hand we have the Flower Girl Dresses, thereis no wedding without the flower girls they are so cute and beautiful, and what makes them more pretty is the right dress, and with Millybridal you will not have this kind of aproblem at all, why!!!?, cause the have a large choice of the cutestflower girl dresses in the world, if you don't believe me, please take a look about some of there pieces 

so make sure to give them a chance and you will not be regret i promise you, beside all of that there prices are so cheap camparing withe such an amazing quality