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Saturday, 29 October 2016

mini home decor haul

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i hope you're all doing fine!!
as you can see in the title i added a new section on my blog and it's all about decor, i recently moved out, before i didn't have a thing for home decor, but now, i am obssessed with it, i took a great look into pinterest to find some ideas and i am glad i did because i fond some great tips and tricks to make my home look cozy or i can call it, home sweet home.
so i took the chance and i did some locals stores shopping, there  is so much to choose from and something to suit everyone, i tried to make my house modern and classy on the same time.
as yo know candeles are the most trendy thing right now , and since my living room's color is black and bleu i took the chance and bought bleu decorative candeles
also my furniture color is white so i make all my purchases white, bleu, transparent and black
also i added some colors in my house to give it a youth touch, and the best thing i did id buying an indian chandi rugs .
i will live you now with my picks and i hope you will like it, and tell me if you want to see more home decor posts, i will happy to do that for you :)

Monday, 17 October 2016

banggood wishlist

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hi you guys hope you are doing fine?
well i am here today to talk to you about a trendy online store that i am sure you all know about it is banggood, well it is a huge platrorm online wich you can find all what you are looking for, from clothes,shoes, gadgets and make-up.......
so let me share with you some of there amazing products
firstly there is a brand in there called jassy it contains jewelery items and believe me they are so so cute and girly and the most important thing is the price, maybe you can get it as a gift or even for your self 
i did choose cute necklace and i am sure you will like it too

also they have a huge selection of trendy jewelery and watches that you can check it by clicking here
and this is the piece that caught my eyes when i first saw it 

as you know halloween is here and we need to choose the right costume without spendind lots of money so banggood has lunched a little campagne called fashion halloween, in there you can find selection of the best halloween outfits 
and this is an example 

to give you more choices about halloween costumes you can go to women's halloween costumes and you will find what you are looking for for sure 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

dresslily halloween

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hi you guys, i came today with a big surprize on my hand. 
dresslily is having a big halloween giveaway, you can win 100$ gift card by just doing simple steps
15 person will win on this giveaway, it could be you so hurry up 
* just share my post to your social media accounts such as twitter, lookbook and instagram....
you will get the chance to win by sharring at least 2 social pages and sending your social links to before OCT 18
15 winners will be randomly chosen from OCT 19 to 23 by
for more you share for more chance you will get

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

romwe wishlist

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hi there lovely readers
as you know winter is almost here and having new clothes is the biggest thing for us. so i was browsing to find some pieces online and i fond my dream closet, from coats to cardigans, and shoes, where is all this?? it's on romwe
i am very sure that you all know this amazing online store because many bloggers and youtubers has talk abou it, honestly i buy from them before and i must say, the quality is amazing and the fabric is great camparing to the prices, so i can say that you will get the quality of zara and H&M for a cheapest price.
i wanted to change my wordrobe style for a long time but i couldn't find pieces wich go with my taste, but in  romwe i have fond all what i was looking for, and i wanted to share my little wishlist with you
the first thing of is the amazing black pu bag, and you will notice that is an imitation to celine pu bag, i coudn't efoord to by the original one but this is the one for my and i can style it with everything and it's practicle for every thing

the next thing is a cute v neck high and low sweater, when i first saw it, i style it with a skinny jeans and ankle boots with a cute scarf and handbag, and boom i am ready to go 

i was looking for so long for the perfect winter boots and i finally fond it 

i love burgundy color and i think that is the perfect color for winter beside the black for sur, i choose this scarf to give me a pop up look during winter season 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

dresslily haul

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hi my lovely readers, i am so happy today because i have something good to share with you, i am sure that you remember my previous post about my  dresslily order, i did order so many stuff and it's been along time since i recieve them but i couldn't post them because i move out and i was so busy with my new home decor and so , but today i have the chance to show you all my order,
firstly let me told you how much i am in love with the stuff, the shipping was too fast and the quality is beyoud great, well to let you know it's a partnership, but i will order from them for sure, it's a legal site, so you should take a look and maybe you will find what you are looking for for a good price 
now, let's jump to the haul , by the way you will find the direct link under each photo

well this is a snick pick of the order and from the picture you can see how good is the stuff are 

necklace here
camouflage make-up palette here

necklace here

 necklace  here
braclet  here

lipstick here

concealer here

bracelet here

cotton pads here

i hope you like my post and believe me you should go to dresslily and you will never regret, you will get what you want without spending lots of money

Saturday, 8 October 2016


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hi you guys how are you today!!!
i know it's been a long time since my latest blogpost, sorry about that, i had so many problems to deal with but this time i come back with a present for you my lovely readers and my gift name is stylewe .
so this is an online fashion store who can provide you lots of choices of the latest trends in fashion world such as dresses, coats, handbag and many more, it is 100% legal site, ,the clothes come in good quality and affordable prices, i took a look into it and i have to say it's impressive.
i choose some items from there, you can visit them by your self 

you can get it via this link

Last, someone asked me where to get stunning prom and wedding dress. Now you can see it below.

and one more thing you guys you can check there