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hi every one i hope you are doing fine?!!
today i am here to do a little review about the bio oil, i suffer from acne scars and i did use lots of products and i didn't sae any results, one time i was browsing youtube videos and i notice that all of the beauty blogger usee the bio oil, so i took the chance to try it too, and i order oe bottel from ebay.
 Honestly I wish I had actually started using this years ago! I've had awful skin my whole life and after suffering through everything my dermatologist threw at me I never had any luck, so I gave up years ago. I knew this would help with scars but I never wanted to put it on my face though I have scars I also have blackheads, whiteheads, weird little spots stuck in my skin, cheek acne, acne all up in my T zone, EVERYWHERE people! I plaster on some many different products a day it's left me with some weird oily/dry combination of skin, like my eyes are tight but I can feel the oil on my lips because my face is so greasy at the same time. After I did some research I found where people were using this so I thought I couldn't make it any worse really and let me tell you - my face feels awesome! All these little spots I could feel are working out of my skin, the dryness is gone and it feels so smooth - my scars are lightening and my face in general feels like it's plumped a little (like my little pits aren't so noticeable) and my makeup goes on so much better. My boyfriend (who normally would keep quiet because he knows how sensitive I am about my skin problems) even noticed it was making a rapid turn around. I read a lot of reviews that said it made their acne worse but I really think it's worth a try for anyone if you're willing to risk it. Now I use mine along with everything else I put on too, but use it sparingly! A little goes a very long way! Morning routine - wash face with B'iore charcoal wash, then apply - Clean and Clear Astringent, Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer, Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment let that all soak in a little then I put a drop on my finger tips and rub around my eyes and a couple drops in my palm rub it in my hands and spread over my entire face. Same routine at night but I swap the Spot Treatment for Clean and Clear Persa-gel. Have I mentioned I only started the Bio-Oil part one week ago today?! I'm 25, I've had acne for 10+ years and never once have I found something that worked this well for me. I can't explain why putting oil on my acne helped me so much but it did and I hope this longer than necessary review helps you out.
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  1. Great product!


  2. Nice post :)

  3. I've heard so many things about this oil!
    Charlotte //

  4. great post thank you so much for this review i have been wanting to try bio oil for the longest time i watched reviews and read some but it didint push me to get it i was even thinking about it the other day to try it then i changed my mind this review makes me really want to try it
    thank you so much have a great day

  5. Looks cool! I'd love to try it.

  6. A so lovely oil!


  7. It seems a good product!
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  8. Like it! :)
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  11. This sounds really good, I have been flaring up lately!

    Meme x

  12. I love this product, my dear!
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