my january wishlist


hi you guys i hope you are doing fine!!
it's been along time, sorry about that i had some big events happening in my life but i am back and this time for real :) .
well i wanted to start my comeback with a january wishlist, i have so many things that i kept in my head and i will do my best to have near in the futur
the first thing and without a doubt ithe the black opium perfume from yves saint laurent, i heard so much about it and i did buy a tester and i love it so this is my number one perfume from now on 

the second thing is the céline bag, i now it's weird that i don't have one, but i am looking for something amazing and i fond one, and i will do some reasearsh online to fnd what i am looking for 

the third thing is the sleek foundation kit, i am in love with this product i saw so many review on youtube and blogs and i decided to try it out, well i ordered one from ebay and i waiting for it to come, and i will give you the details when i recieve it 

well that's it for this month wishlist, i know it's a small one but i have so many things and i am broke right now, i will do another one on february
see you on my next post
take care 

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  1. Love the look of the perfume! Xx
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  2. qoq the Handbag is so great =D

  3. Amazing post!!!

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  4. Great wishlist, I've been so obsessed with YSL and Celine recently (the Celine Audrey Sunglasses are on my wishlist as well as their classic bag)
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

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  6. Great perfume!


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  8. That bag is gorgeous!
    Charlotte //

  9. amazing post!

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  10. Black opium is the best ! one of my fave perfumes :)
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  11. Awesome blog,
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  12. Great things! :)
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  13. Oh I want a Celine bag so so badly! I love the all black ones or the little one in bright red :)
    Love from New York,
    Charlotte Luisa |

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  16. I also want that black opium perfume! <3
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  24. I have black opium, you'll not regret to buy it! Also, great wishlist, hope you can buy it all! Have a nice year, sweetheart! I'm following you, I hope you can follow me back <3

  25. I love your wishlist. The celine bag is also one of my wishlist!
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  28. Great wishlist, the bag is beautiful!
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