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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

my january wishlist

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hi you guys i hope you are doing fine!!
it's been along time, sorry about that i had some big events happening in my life but i am back and this time for real :) .
well i wanted to start my comeback with a january wishlist, i have so many things that i kept in my head and i will do my best to have near in the futur
the first thing and without a doubt ithe the black opium perfume from yves saint laurent, i heard so much about it and i did buy a tester and i love it so this is my number one perfume from now on 

the second thing is the céline bag, i now it's weird that i don't have one, but i am looking for something amazing and i fond one, and i will do some reasearsh online to fnd what i am looking for 

the third thing is the sleek foundation kit, i am in love with this product i saw so many review on youtube and blogs and i decided to try it out, well i ordered one from ebay and i waiting for it to come, and i will give you the details when i recieve it 

well that's it for this month wishlist, i know it's a small one but i have so many things and i am broke right now, i will do another one on february
see you on my next post
take care