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Thursday, 8 October 2015

tomtop haul

15:42 10 Comments
hi you guys, hope you'r doing fine!!
as you can see i have lots of things to show you at this time, i recived my parcel from tomtop a few days ago and i wanted to share it with you, well i know that its gonna be mini haul but i wanted to talk to you about the quality and the shipping.
well first i have orderes a make-up brush kit in black  and i have to say i like it so much, the quality is great and it's well made and you can't find error beside of that the shipping was so fast and th price is so cheap comparring to the quality 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin the second thing i got is an amazing nail clippers set 10 in 1, i was looking for something like that in a long time and when i fond it i said to my self i have to get it, because i can use it many times and in diffrent ways, the price is low and the quality is very good and i can call this deal a smart investesment 

so if you are willing to buy stuff online then tomtop is your perfect destination

Friday, 2 October 2015

wholesalebuying haul

22:29 3 Comments
hi you guys i hope you are doing fine!!
today i am here to share with you my wholesalebuying order that i've made in the past time, i did write a blog post about it and you can check it here, well i have to say that i am very satisfied with my order and i will get another one for sure, the parcel came in under 30 days, i know i am so late with the post but like i told you before i have so much stuff going around in my life write know. 
the quality of the products is beyond great, i have only one problem, the watch that i order came broken and i am sure that it's cause of shipping, but this is not a big problem, i will fix it, other than that all of the products are 100% in good condition and high quality.
so if you are willing to get good deals online then wholesalebuying is your perfect destination.
i will leave you right now with some pics of my order and i will leave the links under them, in case you wanted to check the out