my current skin care routine


hello girls!!
today i am here to share with you my current skin care routine, well i don't like to use that much of stuff on my face because i have very sensetive skin and anythings will causes me blumeshes and redness, so i did change my routine so many times, and i fond that this one goes perfect on me, so i decides to blog about it, maybe you can try them out.

well for my face wash i have 2 from clean and clear and it's the morning energy, i bought one from a local store and the other one from ebay, well i love those products, the smell is amazing and they makes my skin feels so soft and clean and the same time, well when i woke up i use the first bottle that i saw i mean by that, there is no diffrent between those 2 ;) 

for friday nights i like to use this mini gamme from callibelle and it"s a face exfoliat and face mask, i satrt to scrub my face then i apply the mask for 5 min in night time, then i go to bed and my skin will feel and look great after that

in the middle of the week i like to exfoliate my face one other time so i can remove the dead skin and keep my face clean and healthy and the best product for that is this exfoliat from evoluderm wich is amazing and it's one of my favorit 

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