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Sunday, 20 September 2015

dresslink haul

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hi cuties, i hope you are doing fine?!!
today i will present to you my dresslink haul, i am a little late i know, but i had so much work to do in the past time, so today i decided to write this article.
well i did order from dresslink before and i love the quality of there products, this time i did order 3 lingerie items, i am a bride to be, and in my country we must collect stuff like this, and i am very happy with my order, the quality is beyound great and it fit perfectly and the prices are so cheap and reasonable comparring to the quality.
the package came within a week in good condition, and every article in his own plastic wrap 

so i give this mini haul 5 starts and i will order from them for sur, now i will leave you with some pictures and i will leave the links down below in case you wanted to check the out, and believe me you must visit dresslink and make an order asap ;)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

uu hair extentions

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hi cuties i hope you are doing fine?!!
well today i am here to represent to you a cool website that can give you the chance to have long and healthy hair in just seconds!! how is that well you can check uuhairextentions to get a clear idea about what you can find out there.
well having a long hair is every girl's dream and with uuhairextentions they can make there dreams come true 
personelly uuhairextentions have the best clip in hair extentions, the quality is amazing and you can use it easily whitout any effort 
and  one other thing, the prices are affordable and they hair extentions are made with 100% humain hair without any synthic fibers, just clicp it in your hair and you are ready to go, from this i can tell you if you are looking for cheapest humain hair extentions then uuhairextentions is your destination.
i saw that the majority of women has a black hair and the commande of black hair extentions are so high, that's why uuhairextentions have a great selection of clip hair extentions in black hair
so let's talk a little bit about this amazing site, he offer a worldwide shipping and it's a great thing haa, so don't be worry about this any more and if you like something order it fast and it will came to you fast 
now about the payment: they accept: paypal/ western union /visa and mastercard, and i am sure you know that all of these methodes are secure 
i did make a tour on the site and i did make a small seclection that i liked and wanted to share it with you to give you a sneek peek on what they have in there store 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

new shein go with the flow

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hi you guys i hope you are doing fine?!!
well today i am here to talk to you about the new shein campagne go with flow that you don't wanna miss 
you can find great deals and amazing styles out there
you can get  34% OFF Over US$69    Code:flow34
Ends: September/14

so here is some of the styles that you can find there 
you can check theme here
so hurry up and check this amazing offer

Sunday, 6 September 2015

say yes to the dress with

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hi girls i hope you are doing fine?!!
having at least 1 wedding dress in our closet is very important to use it in diffrent aucasions like a weddings, parties, receptions, and other events. but the problem is that the prices are so expensive and the quality is poor sometimes, so we need to look up for something good that goes for us, and that's not a problem anymore because i have found a great online store that can give you the chance to make your dream come true easely and it's called
well is an online fashion store that provides you a huge selection of wedding dresses and many other stuff collected to these domain i mean parties and weddings, this is perfect for those how want to have a a perfect dress under 50£ , you can be sure that the quality is beyond perfect and you i can garanted that, besides of that they offer a free shipping over 200£ and 75% off . so it's a great deal and a wish come true for every girls, so be sure to check it out.
i did choose some dresses that i really like and i wanted to share with you, and by that i can give you the chance to know what type of dresses you can find out there

i love this dress so much, just look at it, the cut fit perfctly and the color is amazing

the most amazing thing in this dress is the color and the way it flirt th model's body is so nice

i am always looking for a simple and chic dress that i can were it more than onec
so i hope you liked this post and make sure to check them out and believe me you will not be regret

Friday, 4 September 2015

all about apparel candy

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hi girls, i hope you are doing fine?!!
well today i am here today to talk to you about an online wholesale store called, well this site is the perfect destination for any busniss owner and it's the greatest deal right there. how is that!!! well let me tell you, you can browse diffrent wholeasle store but there is only a few which can provides you good quality and low prices at the same time. in apparel candy you can find a huge selection of, products, pants, cosmetics and handbags. 
in wholesale clothing finding the perfect pieces is the biggest problem in this industry but this wouldn't be a problem any more because gives you the chance to promote your store with there amazing products. 
when you take a look to the store you can see many styles and lots of choices with the best quality in the web, i talk about the picture, the site is well orgenized and you can find what you are looking for easely, so if you are a small busniss owner in fashion and beauty industry then you must take a look at this amazing site, i can write a huge blog post about it and i can't get enought because believe me this is one time chance thet you should get it for sure.
the costumer service is beyond perfect, people out there are so kind so don't be afraid to ask for some help and you can talk with them in any time also there is one more thing, the shipping is so fast and it's guaranted.
let me take the chance to share with you some of the wholesale tops because let me be honest with you, i felt in love with many styles out there, they are amazing 

so i hope you liked my little post and like i told you before you should take a look at them to grow your busniss and hope for the best, good luck 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

my current skin care routine

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hello girls!!
today i am here to share with you my current skin care routine, well i don't like to use that much of stuff on my face because i have very sensetive skin and anythings will causes me blumeshes and redness, so i did change my routine so many times, and i fond that this one goes perfect on me, so i decides to blog about it, maybe you can try them out.

well for my face wash i have 2 from clean and clear and it's the morning energy, i bought one from a local store and the other one from ebay, well i love those products, the smell is amazing and they makes my skin feels so soft and clean and the same time, well when i woke up i use the first bottle that i saw i mean by that, there is no diffrent between those 2 ;) 

for friday nights i like to use this mini gamme from callibelle and it"s a face exfoliat and face mask, i satrt to scrub my face then i apply the mask for 5 min in night time, then i go to bed and my skin will feel and look great after that

in the middle of the week i like to exfoliate my face one other time so i can remove the dead skin and keep my face clean and healthy and the best product for that is this exfoliat from evoluderm wich is amazing and it's one of my favorit