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Monday, 31 August 2015

my deal sale wishlist

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hello lovely readers!!!
i am here today to talk to you about a new online website called dealsale well this is a unique project, i mean by that it's not a regular online shopping store, it's a mobile app and this idea is great because it make online shopping so easier, now we are always in rush so smart phones is our best friend, and we can use it in every place we go to, and to use this app you can gain so much time and make a great deal at the same time, dealsale is the perfect option for you, so hurry up and download it and enjoy shopping beside of that the prices are so cheap and you can get so much thing on there: clothes, beauty, shoes, bags, and even kids's clothes, and one more thing and i thing that is is what we are looking for is that when we use this app to shop, we can have a discount code isn't this great ha!! 
 . i took a screenshot of the items that i like and i hope you will like them.
so make sure to take a look , and i am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Friday, 28 August 2015

haul/review: dressgal

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hi lovely readers, i hope you are doing fine?!!
it's been a long time ha, well today like i promised you before i am here to share with my my dressgal order wich i talked to you before, well i did recieve my package one week ago and i decides to do write a post about it .
well let me be honest with you, i am really satisfied and this is my first order from dressgal and believe me, this isn't the last one :). well the quality is amazing, the packeging is well made and the products came in good quality

as you can see in the picture and also comparring to my latest wishlist from them, i got 3 thing and i like them all,
the first thing is this really cute small bag in color rose red, i fond it amazing and perfect for a girly outfit or dinner on the city, it's summery and fresh and classy at the same time, it's welll made, the quality is beyond perfect and if you take my advice, this bag should be a must have for every girl

the second thing is this simple black sandel, i know summer is alost over but what can i say, i loved it from the first time and this is a part for my summer favorits for 2015

the last thing i got is this cute lipstick, it looks very cheap comparring to the price but i must say that this one is rocking, the color is pop and amazing, but it has one problem, that you should put a vaseline or a lip bum  so that the color stay fresh and simple other than that this is amazing

well i hope you like my dressgal haul, and you should give it a try and you will not regret because this store is a one of a kind :) i can't wait to see you on my next post so we can talk about new stuff 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

wholesalebuying wishlist

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hi guys, i hope your doing fine!!
well today i am here today to talk to you about my new collab with wholesalebuying , well they contacted me and they offer me a gift card so i can shop from them and do a little review, and i said yes right away because i love this online store.
let me introduce to you what is wholesalebuying???? well it's an online wholesale store wich you can find many products such as, dresses, pants, jewelery, make-up ..... and so many other thing for cheap price, and also you can shop by one peace not only wholesale.
well i did a great tout on the site and i fond some great stuff on there and i pass my order and i can't wait to recieve them, so let me share what i choose for this time.
the first thing i got is this amazing geneva watch with gold and black details, i always wanted to have a watch in this style so when i saw it i said to my self, i must get it 

the second thing is this facial brush, well i saw many bloggers and youtubers talking about it, and i wanted to give it a try, because it will help me with my exfoliat regemy that i have created lately

the third thing is this amazing lipstick in #37 that i fond absolutly amazing for summer time and even that fall time

the last thing i got from this store is this satin sleepwear, well i am getting married very soon, so i am collecting these kind of clothes, you know haha

i hope you like this wishlist, i will share the products with you when i get them for sure, and son't be afraid to take a look, maybe you can find what you are looking for 

Friday, 7 August 2015


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hi girls i hope you are doing fine?!!
well today i am here to talk to you about an online website that i discovered lateley it's
 called uuhairextentions , well this website sells human hair, he provides best quality hair extentions across the world for low prices, let me tell you that their hair extentions are made with 100% human hair, this online store is the perfect destination for every women who wants to get the best quality for a cheap price.

uuhairesxtentions team are very working people because they offer to ther costumers arount the global 100% indian and brazilian remy hair for reasonable price, and they are also very kind, because there costumer services provides the best help ever and there job is to make there costumers satisfied.

in this online store you can find the the best clip in hair extentions, why!! because it's very easy to use and maintain at the same time, so don't be afraid from it because their team of expert has over 20 years experience.

and one more thing, if you are looking for long clip in hair extentions then this is the right destination for you, i told you before the the goal of uuhairesxtentions team is to make sure that there costumers are in good hand and they give the what they looking for without any effort, i know that many of us are dreaming to have a long and healthy hair and this takes lots of time but with the help with this online store we can make our dreams come true, and all the thaks go to this amazing websites who gave us this amazing chance and good service, so make sure to take a look and i am sure that you will find what are you looking for 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

summer style inspiration via pinterest

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hi girls hope your doing fine!!
well this is one of a kind post for me, or can i say, the first time i do post like this, it's like a mini summer lookbook and i got my inspiration via pinterest, as you know pinterest is a huge platform which provides us many ideas in diffrents categoriers such as cooking, hair, make-up and fashion, i love pinterest and i can't live one day without it, and lately i have discovered some cool fashion style for summer and i wanted to share with you, i notice that this summer is all about lace, shorts and pop colors,  well i will not write any thing because it's a summer lookbook and the pictures speak on them selfs.