another dresslink wishlist


hi guys, i hope you are doing fine today!!
well today as you can see in the title i have another dresslink, yes yes i know i can't get enought from this store!! i can't help it because this store is amazing, i did get 2 parcel from them and since then, they became my number 1 online store, the quality is very good comparing to the price and the shipping is so fast too. dresslink is for sure my favorit online destination that's why i am here to day to share with you my latest  dresslink wishlist and i hope i will make some of it true :) .

as you can see in the picture, these make-up brushes are amazing, i did got the pink one from them but when i saw these i instantly felt il love with them, they are so elegant with there gold and black combination 

the second product in my wishlist is these amazing shirt, it's so girly and classy at the same time, i did imagine my self wearring it with a denim pants and ballerine with a chic handbag and loose hair,wow i can't wait to get it, it came in 4 colors, bleu, black, green and pink, i choose the pink one because i really like it.

i was looking for an evening bag these time and when i saw these one, i said that this is the one, just look at them they are amazing, the color are amazing, i choose the silver one because it goes with every thing

finally i fond my best workout legging, it's chic and comfy so from now on this is my favorit workout pants and i can't change it now matter what. 

i am sure that you know this necklace already because every fashion blogger has one, exept me ;) so i decides to get it and style it with what i've got

those sunglasses became so popular this season and honestly i like the leopard pair and i am atteding to get on because they are very stylish.

i hope you like my dresslink wishlist and take a look maybe you can find what are you looking for
have a nice day

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  1. Cute choices!
    I didn't found you on my GFC followers :/


  2. Great selection! I love the necklace *___*
    Sure, I follow you back :)

  3. Beautiful post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  4. Me encanta dresslink y me encanta tus elecciones son divinos los pinceles y los leggins! bueno todo!!
    mil besos de susana de piñadelys

  5. Cute selection! Kisses.

  6. Awesome post dear. Love your pics.
    I'm glad I found your blog. Really inspirational.

    Have a lovely day!
    with love,

  7. Great! You have a lovely blog! Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?

  8. nice post! great selection ;) :)


  9. Great post

    Love Vikee

  10. What a great store :) I like the brushes.

    Meme xx
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    'A Month in the Life of....'