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Thursday, 23 July 2015 wishlist

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hi guys i hope you'r doing fine!!!!
i am here today to talk to you about an online store called hightqualitybuy, i discover it a while ago and i wantted to share with you my wishlist because i found some great items right there.
first let me introduce to you hightqualitybuy, this is an online store that provides you diffrent products in diffrent categories for a low price and good quality... you can find dresses, skirts, wedding dresses, gadgets, shoes........
first i like this case cover for tablette, well i have 7"tablet pc and i am sure that this will look great and it's very cute and i can't wait to get t 

ooh i can't tell you how much i love this beach hat, it's classy and very very cute and perfect for the beach , since we are in the summer season this hat is a must have for me 

OMG i can't get my eyes of this cute bag, i even style it with a diffrent outfit, it goes with day outfits, a night outfits and you will look amazing. the picture express it self

the last thing in my highqualitybuy wishlist is this amazing and colorful necklace, it's perfect for spring/summer season, a saw many famous blogger and vloggers talking about it and i think that this will look amazing on me this season.
i hope you liked my wishlist and you should take a look at hightqualitybuy

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

order placed: dressgal

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hi you guys, i hope you'r doing fine!!!
well i am so happy today to talk to you about my latest online shopping with dressgal well i just discover this amazing online store that provides you the latest fashion trends with a low prices. it's a good deal for such an amazing quality!!! right!! 
dressgal is the perfect place for girls who want to be trendy and good looking without spending lots of money, you can find so many things right there such as: dresses, skirts, bags, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, make-up........... and so many other things.
now let me share with you my dressgal order and i can't wait to recieve and share it with you. 
well first i got a got rose red shoulder bag and i have to say that when i saw it for the first time i did imagine my self wearring it with a white dress, and it's perfect for day or night, and you can find it with many other colors ;) 

the second thing i got is a black sandals, i can't tell you much about it because the picture speek of it self, it's classy, elegant and amazing you can wear it to the beach or with denim shorts and basic top.. or even you can style it for a night date, and you will rock it for sure

and the third and the last thing is a lip gloss, well let me be honest with you, i order it to test it and i 
hope i will see a good results, i love the color and i can't wait to try it out. and if you like it you can choose the color that you want,( there is 13) 

well i hope you liked my post and i will see you again with a little review 
take care lovelies

Saturday, 11 July 2015

another dresslink wishlist

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hi guys, i hope you are doing fine today!!
well today as you can see in the title i have another dresslink, yes yes i know i can't get enought from this store!! i can't help it because this store is amazing, i did get 2 parcel from them and since then, they became my number 1 online store, the quality is very good comparing to the price and the shipping is so fast too. dresslink is for sure my favorit online destination that's why i am here to day to share with you my latest  dresslink wishlist and i hope i will make some of it true :) .

as you can see in the picture, these make-up brushes are amazing, i did got the pink one from them but when i saw these i instantly felt il love with them, they are so elegant with there gold and black combination 

the second product in my wishlist is these amazing shirt, it's so girly and classy at the same time, i did imagine my self wearring it with a denim pants and ballerine with a chic handbag and loose hair,wow i can't wait to get it, it came in 4 colors, bleu, black, green and pink, i choose the pink one because i really like it.

i was looking for an evening bag these time and when i saw these one, i said that this is the one, just look at them they are amazing, the color are amazing, i choose the silver one because it goes with every thing

finally i fond my best workout legging, it's chic and comfy so from now on this is my favorit workout pants and i can't change it now matter what. 

i am sure that you know this necklace already because every fashion blogger has one, exept me ;) so i decides to get it and style it with what i've got

those sunglasses became so popular this season and honestly i like the leopard pair and i am atteding to get on because they are very stylish.

i hope you like my dresslink wishlist and take a look maybe you can find what are you looking for
have a nice day

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

haul: dresslink, ebay, lucluc, choies

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hi girls, i hope you are  doing fine?!!
lately i've been doing some online shopping and i recieve so much product so i decides to do a haul to show you what i got, and i hope you like, it, i will do another one because i have many things to share with you.
first of all: i got a pink brushes set from dresslink, i really love it it contain 32 diffrent brushes, the color is amazing, the quality is very nice, next time i will get another one for my sister because she really like them

the next thing i got is an evenning bag from lucluc, it's a silver leopard pattern shinning clutch , i love it and i have style it already, and you can see how cute it is.

the third thing i got is 5 things from ebay, ; 
 l'oreal foundation
 parachute coconut oil 
silver geneva watch
rose gold geneva watch
byphasse active protect (keratine liquide)

and last but not least i got a sunglasses from choies they are out of stock now, i really really love it

Saturday, 4 July 2015

born pretty store haul

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hi guys, i hope you are doing fine!! 
i am here today to share with you my latest accesories from born pretty store, they contacted me a while ago to do a review on them and i accepted, now i have recieve my parcel last week and today i decided to do a little review and it's my honest review.
first let me talk a little bit about born pretty store, it's an online store which provides you a huge selection of: accesories, make-up, nail art, phone accesories, sunglasses, with a low price and free shipping.
i did recieve my order in 1 month and i really love it, the quality is amazing comparring to the price and the package was in good shape and well packed.
i give it 5 stars, and i hope you take a look on born pretty store and enjoy a good online shopping and they was very nice to give me a 10% for my readers using the code GHET10.
i will show you know the necklace and the bracelet, and i will leave the links down below, in case you wan to buy them. and make sure that i give it a huge +++ and i wil get some more things from them.

you can get the necklace here

you can get the bracelet from here