my new watch from daniel wellington (review)


hi guys, i hope you are doing fine!! 
today and as you can see in the title i am here to talk with you about an amazing watch brand called daniel wellington, it's based in sweden, well i discover it last week and i felt in love with her write away so i decides to get one, you can find many design on daniel wellington online store.
the daniel wellington watch is without a doubt suitable for every aucasion.
you can find 2 diffrent design: the NATO strap and the LEATHER strap . 
let me talk about my first experience with daniel wellington, well first the costumer service is amazing, the people there are very kind and helpful, when i order my watch, they ship it in the next day and they give me a UPS tracking number to track it, i have to say that i wasn't expected this treat from them, they contact me durring the shipping and the watch came in less then 3 days only, could you imagine, and the UPS company brring it to my door, well i usually go to the post office to claim my parcel, but this time i felt like a princess when i recieve my order to the front door :) 
so i must tell you that this is the best online shopping experience i ever made in my life.
now i will talk to you about the watch i got, well i ordered the NATO  strap watch with the rose gold details , it's called classic canterbury watch, i love the design of it, well my husband choose this one, and i agree with him, and i have to say that he has a great taste, the price is 195$ , and it's not expensive at all comparing with the quality and the packaging, so i recommend you to buy this watch, and personally i will buy one more from them because this is my new obsession of the moment. it came with little catalogue about and small tool to change the strap easely, ohh i almost forget you can buy diffrent straps from them and change it any time, and you are gonna look that you have many watches ;)
so if you are looking to buy  elegant and good price watch, then daniel wellington is your perfect destination 
 now i will show you some pictures of my watch. 

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  1. very nice - I like it! :)

  2. Such a beautiful watch! :) In the meanwhile, what do you think of follow each other via GFC, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Kisses and have a lovely week :)