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Saturday, 25 April 2015

giveaway time: win an amazing dress from

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hi you guys, i hope your doing fine?!!
well i am so exited  today because i am hosting my first giveay ever sponsored by znu, this people are so amazing, they were very kind to give this chance to thank you for following me.
znu is an online fashion store that can gives you latest trends with a low price and very good quality. they provide a free shipping worldwide with no minium purchace. the people in there costumer service are amzing and very helpful. when i first saw this website i felt in love with it right away, because it contain beautiful pieces, so if you are looking for fashion store with affordable price, then znu is your perfect destination.
condition of znu giveaway
1- create a znu account
2- follow me via GFC
3- follow  znu facebook page here
4- leave a comment down below with your registered e-mail
              giveaway ends on (5 may)

you will get the chance tho win this sexy white dress
good luck every one 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

get your us adress with us go buy

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hi you guys i hope you are doing fine?!!
i am here today to talk to you about a site called us go buy, i discovered this site las week and i wanted to share it with you. so if you have the smae problem as me, i mean if you love online shopping and the best stores ship to us only, then you perfect destination is us go buy
well, let me talk about them: so they have an amazing service; they provide you a usa adress to make your online shopping safety, then they will ship your order to your country. they ship to malta, cyprus, brazil, india, australia, sri lanka, new zealand, greece, france, uk, spain, barbador, panama, finland, ireland, canada mexico, italy, south africa....... etc
well you can trust us go buy to make your orders, and enjoy shopping in usa. your order will be ship from us to your place in no time with a good condition. 
i am sure, you are wondering where youcan find the best us online shopping sites, well don't worry because us go buy provides you a big list to use when you do your online shopping, and i will give you that list right now: 
so this is your chance to get your us adress and start shopping, and not just a regular shopping, but a place when you can find the best products in the world, and you will find very kind people at us go buy to help you recieve your parcel in good shape.
so since the most of my readers are fashion and beauty blogger, i wanted to help you make a progress on our blogs and buy stuff from famous brand in the world bu using us go buy and enjoy our parcels.
i hope i helped you with this post and i will do another one in the future and give you more information about us go buy
about us go buy conatct, you can find them here
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Saturday, 11 April 2015

dresslink review

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hi girls, i hope you are doing fine!!
i am here today to do a little review about dresslink as you know, i did post a wishlist before, and today i got my package and i am so happy to share it with you. 
so dresslink is an online fashion and beauty store, you can find many products related to fashion with a really low price and good quality.
i need to tell you about the shipping: it was very fast, 15days, this is great haa??!!!!

the first thing i got is this cute little bag in biege, i love it and i told you that before and i can't wait to style it tomorrow, it's a huge trend this season , i saw many fashion bloggers wearring it. and it goes with every thing, so i give that 5 stars 
if you like it you can get it here, you can find many colors,

the second thing is a uk flag wallet, i love it. the quality is amazing, and it's a breath tacking piece.
so if you like it, you can get it here

the third thing is also a wallet but in paris tower ;), it's very chic and elegant, so this is gonna be my all time favorit wallet. if you want one, check here here

i am so happy with my package from dresslink ad i am sure that i am gonna buy from them many 
times, because they are one of my favorit online stores, you should check them out here and i am sure you will not regret
see you on my next post 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

april wishlist

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hi readers hope you are doing fine?!! 
well today i am going to share with you my april wishlit. and i wish i can get these products soon this month because i want the so bad.
as you know, we are on spring season and to keep up with it we must have some essensiels for it 
my first and biggest wishlist item for april is the flower bomb perfume by victor and rolf, i love that perfume, i did buy it last year and i couldn't find it now; so i hope i can get it soo,; it's perfect for spring time, the bottle is so girly and chic.

the second item for my wishlist is urban decay pallet (nacked2), i love that pallete so much, i saw many review from famous blogger and vloggers and i want to get it so bad

the third and the last item in my wishlist is tha macadamin collection for hair, i saw positives reviews about it, and i am sure that will help my hair type, as you know i have frizzy and dry hair and these products will work on me for sure