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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

lalalilo haul

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hello girls, i hope you'r doing fine? 
well today i am here to share with you my latest haul from lalalilo , well if you don't know this website, then i will tell you a little bit about it.
lalalilo is an online fashion store that can provide you many products for good quality and low price, such as: dresses, pants, skirts, tops and many other stuff.
and you can use paypal or your credit card if you want to submit an order. 
so i did make an order on 02/07/2015 and i recieve it on 19/03/2015, i guess if you wanna order from them your parcel will arrive in no time, because i live in algeria,
i have order a white lace crop top and i love it 

i have to say that the quality is very good compare to the price, and i love it
the seconde thing i get is ahot pink blouse 

well i love this blouse so much it's great for spring/summer season, the quality is amazing and it's well made, it's sheer and i can style it with almost everything
i hope you like my little review about lalalilo and i hope you visit them, and i forget to tell you something, try to order 1size up, to fit you well 
see you in my next post 

Friday, 20 March 2015

review: garnier bb cream miracle skin perfector

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hey guys, i hope you'r doing fine?!
too many bb cream are in the market, so it's difficult to find the right bb cream for you, personally i have tried many brands and i fond a diffrent results, some of them are good and some of them are bad
today, as you can see i will do a little review about the garnier bb cream!!
and to be exact, i will be reviewing  the garnier bb cream miracle skin perfector, garnier claims that it's a miracle skin perfector, is this true?!! well let's see ......

well in the garnier bb cream package you can read that is a combination to oily skin.
benefits of garnier bb cream miracle skin perfector:
1- 8 hour moisturisation
2- healthy glow 
3- reduce imperfction
4- sun protection with SPF 24
5- lasting fairness
when i first apply garnier bb cream i felt il love with it instantly because it's easy to blend and doesn't get patchy at all,  i guess when i was at home applying make-up at fake lightenning, but when i go out all of my first love signs desepears when the sun touch my skin, all my face went oily and greasy. the first application was in summer, that's why i got a bad results, but when i apply it in winter i have to say that is magic.
my face look amazing and i will tell you the positives:
* not greasy
* imparts a soft glow
*  moisturizes well
* hight coverage
and for negatives part: it cames in one shade only  :(
so if you are wailling to buy a bb cream then my recommendation goes with garnier bb cream miracle skin perfector, but use it in winter or in cold day, because the sun will damage your application 
i hope you like my little review!! see you soon

Monday, 16 March 2015

prom dresses 2015 from

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being the standout women in every party night is the wish of all of us, right?
personally, i would love to be the center of attetion in any party, and to achieve that i must get the breathtaking dress in the market
now i will talk on general way, every women must have at least 1 elegant evening dress in her wordrobe so that she can be the diva of whatever party she can go to.
and if you are willing to buy an evening dress then is your perfect destination. 
now let's talk a little bit about promtimes, it's an online fashion store specialize is evening, and prom dresses, for good quality and low price, this is the dream of every girl and women.
you can find what you want easely because the website is organized and contain many sections: prom dresses, cocktail dresses, vintage prom dresses, long prom dresses....... and in many colors too. 
you can choose the size and the color that you want and the deliery is fast.
they accept paypal and credit cards
they ship worldwide ( so don't be worry)
the colloection of prom dresses 2015 is amazing and i love it all, it contains all diffrent type of dresses, long, mini,.... and also it came in many colors, this collection (prom dresses 2015) is suitable for every women and girl out there. and you can choose one dress to wear it to your up-comming aucasion, and wear it again next time, because the dresses are so trendy and fashionable.
i garuantee to you that you will look like an actress on the red carpet, and all the eyes will be on you princess!!
now i will share with you my to selection of this collection prom dresses 2015 and i hope you like them and you can go to and choose your favotits dresses too. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

persunmall mini haul

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hey there!! today i wanted to share with you my latest online shopping haul, and i actually i have try this online site for the first time and i have to say that i love it. it's called persunmall.
well to be honest with you, i didn't know that store and i was alittle bit worry of trying something new, so i have ordered 2 items only just to give it a try, and i fond an amazing results. so i decided to share them with you to give you an idea bout it and maybe you will give it a try too.
the first thing i get is a beautiful bleu blazer, it's classy 3/4 and the fabric is very good, the cut and the sewing are well made. now it's out of stock

and the second thing i get is black bracelet, i love it and i wear it all the time, and i must get another one in a diffrent color

so i am verry happy with my order from persunmall, and i hope you like my mini haul.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

my dresslink wishlist

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hello lovely readers!! now i would like to share with you my dresslink wishlist. if you don't know dresslink yet then it's a huge online store where you can find many products: dresses, pants, beauty products, skirts........ with low price and good quality, i discover this online store lately and i wanted to share with you the items that i have liked :

i have the black one already, and i wanted choose the colorful blazers because it's spring time and it's nice to add some color to your wordrobe, and you can style it with any thing and you will stand out for sure 
you can get it here
i like this nude pink blouse alot, i think that she is so girly and classy at the same time and you can style it from day to night easely
you can get it  here
i love this black shirt and it's perfect for summer time, classy and unique, i saw this and i felt in love with it and i imagine me wearing it with skinny jeans and girly sure with nice sunglasses and i am in the go 
you can get it here
i was looking for new brushes set in the past few days and i fond this beautiful set here and for good price too, it's girly, pretty and good quality too, and it came in pink little bag, so this is the must have thing for me and i want to buy it now
you can get it here

OMG, i love those bags alot, just look at them, and don't forget that's spring/summer season is comming up and this will look great with your outfit, so cute i will get all the colors since i love them so much, they are breath tacking
you can get it here
i hope you liked my little wishlist and enjoy it too, and make sure to visit dresslink,  i am sure you will find a good deals. 
take care