Saturday, 12 August 2017

amazing tunic tops from dreslily

hello everybody, i hope you are doing fine!!
in summer season we always look for a comfy and cute clothes to wear,  that's why Dresslily has a huge collection of fashion pieces, for a reasonable prices and good quality.
as you all know tunic tops are so in this season

i love this top, you can wear it to the beach  or summer party and you will look amazing 

this girly top is very cute and i am sure you agree with me
honestly, i did make an order and i am so excited for it to come, i am collecting make-up brushes right no so  i can maake amazing instagram and blog post 
i fond that they have pretty make-up brushes set

i am also wantt to add some color and bohaiman style to my home, i did find this amazing rug wich i think it will add a great touch to my house

Friday, 28 July 2017

online fashion dresses for women

hello, lovely readers i hope you are doing fine!!
as you can see lately online shopping become the most popular thing, because we can get what we want when we are at home, but you can not trust every shop out there, that's why i 've bring you today amazing online store yoins , i have check it and to bee honest with you i am glad i did, they have a huge selection of trendy clothing for very reasonabale prices, is this cool or what?!
you can check the latest trends in fashion world and you wil ffind that tunic tops are the best choice right now for every girl wants to be like a famous fashion blogger, and for the second time, yoins is the right place to be in
so, let's talk a little bit about yoins, an one of a kind shop with very helpful costumer service, trendy items for good price that you cannot find in any other place, secure site with fast shipping

so since we are in summer season, wearing a dress is beter and practical, that's why yoins has the best fashion dresses for women online, as you know flower patterns and hippy look are so in this season, so it's so easy to achieve this look by simply browse this shop

also we saw that wearing a short or mini skirt with sexy top, can turn you from a regular girl to a top model, yoins also has various sexy tops for women online, you can see this by yçurself down below

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

a look on fashionmia

hello you guys i hope you are doing fine, !!
today i came to you with a new and intersting site which i talked to you about it before, summer is here and who say summer the first thing that pops on our mind is a cute dresses , fashionmia has a large choices of this kind of dresses with very reasonable prices and good quality , and the most important thing that they are very trendy and fashionable as well. 
so i will be posting 2 of my favorite dresses from them and i am sure you will like them as i do 

 the beach is important thing in our summer routine and to achieve the perfect look we need to choose the perfect swimsuit so we can look glowy and shinny at the beach , that's why fashionmia provides cheap swimwear with amazing quality, nice cut and trendy too 
take a look down below and tell me what do you think!! 

so make sure to visit the and have a great shopping
see you on another post